About Us

We ski, we paddle, we hike,.... 
We value the nature, the environment,...
We love the land, the people, the country,...
Settle well, live well, friends


About Us

Alberta Chinese Outdoor Adventure Club (ACOAC) is an edmonton-based registered society with the primary objectives to  introduce members to brand-new outdoor activities and provide members and non-members with enriched outdoor experiences to promote health, fitness, safety and enhance people's natural enjoyment of outdoors.

Our Story

The club was formed in 2016 by a small group of ski enthusiasts from Alberta Chinese community. Our club has grown steadily in size, and now averages well over 1,000 members through providing regular outdoor and indoor activities all year round.

As a volunteer-run, non profit organization, the ACOAC provides a supportive environment to its members that encourages social interaction, environmental awareness and  safe adventures in the outdoors. It offers skiing, hiking, kayaking, and other activities to individuals of all ages.  Other group social activities and outings are being held, such as picnics, movie nights and dinner. We welcome individuals with various skill levels and nationalities to come along, make new friends and enjoy the great outdoors.

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